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  • Old town Bascarsija- Visit of Osmanian old mall, mosque and public library, coffee on the top point of the city Zuta tabija (vidikovac at Jekovac, Kovaci) famous War cemetery and Alifakovac.
  • Nature Park "Vrelo Bosne and Velika aleja" (River Bosnia source and so well known Big Tree Alley) with unforgettable experience of untouched greenery, Museum Tunel Spasa (Tunnel of Hope) underneath of Sarajevo International Airport, where you will witness the incredible survival war story about surrounded Capital city of B&H. We will take to Rimski most at Ilidza (Roman Bridge).
  • Visit to famous Cave Bijanbare which is the largest cave in south-east Europe! Nisicka visoravan view and Olovo city with Horse riding school&horse farm with stable of wild horses.
  • Waterfall Skakavac-72 meters high, Zoo park Pionirska Dolina with many interesting entertainment programs for all family, Avaz Twist tower (with the best panoramic view of Sarajevo).
  • Museums of Sarajevo - Alija Izetbegovic, Srebrenica '95, War Museum Tunnel, Earth Museum, Museum of city Sarajevo, Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gavrilo Princip Museum and War Memorial and the biggest open cemetery Bare - with exlusive war story and presentations from Maternity hospital (Porodiliste Zehra Muidovic) throuh war-crime perspective, unbelievable stories...
  • Olympic mountains which are surrounding Sarajevo.
  • Bjelasnica Hotel Han with beatiful view on Olimpic Sport Center.
  • Igman with fantastic landscapes and famous Old Mosque made of wood during the war in Bosnia.

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